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PPC or Pay per click is an internet marketing strategy where the advertisers pay the ad publishers for the clicks and the traffic redirected to the advertisers website. PPC is an integral part of Website Promotion process and the most efficient technique for gaining the brand identity. PPC is popular because of the high conversion rate of the leads. Google AdWords is the most popular PPC advertising system developed by Google that enables businesses to create ads which are displayed on Google’s search engine and other products offered by Google.

Every time someone searches on Google, it filters the database of Adwords advertisers and displays the results on the top, the most valuable space of the search results page. The filtered ads are chosen based on some factors mostly quality, relevance of the keyword and the location. Google assigns an ad rank to each campaign according to the CPC bid and Quality score of campaign. This allows the advertisers to get maximum potential customers in a budget amount. .

Open Tec Solution removes the gap between you and your customers via its fantastic PPC campaign building techniques. Being a result oriented and self driven team of marketing professionals we run the PPC campaigns for you and successfully attain the targeted leads from the day one even at a low budget. We offer a wide range of activities to add value to your PPC campaigns:

» PPC landing page creation

» Creating Ad Copyright and campaigns

» Reduced CPC

» Powerful report management and tracking

» Implementation of Paid search strategy

» Increased paid traffic and improved Return on Investment

» Bid management with Re Targeting

About Open Tec Solution

Our Mission is to become a leader in the field of website Designing and Development with high quality services, highly experienced team members and a high ratio of client satisfaction. We are committed to provide World Class Service to our clients at very reasonable cost.

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